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Welcome To Ramani GeoSystems

Ramani Geosystems is a geospatial services company offering professional land surveying, aerial photography, aerial LiDAR and GIS and mapping services. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Ramani is dedicated to providing world class services throughout Africa. 

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Ramani Geosystems: i Fly UltraCam 
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Feature Of The Month
Ramani Solutions
Aerial Lidar
Ramani offers Aerial LiDAR solutions using a Leica ALS60/RCd30 combination for all data & imagery needs across Africa. On request we are also able to conduct full LiDAR data processing to provide clients with tailor-made products
Aerial Photography
Selecting the most technically appropriate of our two aircraft, Ramani offers a wide range of aerial photography products through large (UltracamX) or medium format digital camera systems. We are also able to provide all related
Land Survey
Ramani offers the full suite of land survey services including topographical, engineering and control surveys, plus terrestrial Lidar scanning. Ramani's five survey teams employ state of the art equipment and software.
GIS and Mapping Services
Ramani offers GIS solutions and a wide range of spatial data including satellite imagery from major vendors, aerial imagery and LiDAR data from our own library, and related vector data.

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